Amelie's Cafe: Halloween  Amelie's Cafe: Halloween

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1 Ghz or better
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • DirectX 8.0
  • Amelie's Cafe: Halloween
    Amelie's Cafe: Halloween
    Jack O'Lantern, cooks with scary zombie style make up and other traditional Halloween knick-knacks you will see in Amelie's Halloween Café this year! This is a fabulously decorated place which definitely creates the holiday atmosphere! The hostess is fast while serving dishes and receiving orders, but it's impossible to manage without a team. So our pretty waitress is going to show you that nothing is impossible if you know how to make your staff work properly! The goal is given in money and differs in both modes - survival and career. According to the titles in the first one you need to gain as much as you can! Amelie's Cafe: Halloween also has another option - design the interior and have a chance to upgrade the place, decorate and equip it better! When you start a shift you need to follow the time limit and observe the guest quickly. They have a patience indicator which isn't endless. So you need to control your workers, make sure their tables are clean and take money for food you delivered. If your clients are not satisfied you will lose money. Amelie's Cafe: Halloween will make you feel like a young rookie entrepreneur that needs to hurry up! There's no time for rest, serve all those kind of scary but delicious menu items and get bonus points for your excellent work! Amelie's Cafe: Halloween is an outstanding game with three thrilling locations and yummy stuff. Join the girl and show you are the quickest player, install now and enjoy your new free time activity! A crazy party is coming soon!


    Amelie's Cafe: Halloween
    Amelie's Cafe: Halloween - 1
    Amelie's Cafe: Halloween
    Amelie's Cafe: Halloween - 2
    Amelie's Cafe: Halloween
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