Astro Avenger  Astro Avenger

  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 700 Mhz or better
  • 64 Mb RAM
  • 16 Mb of video memory
  • Astro Avenger
    Astro Avenger
    Astro Avenger is a space shooter which will surprise by its 3D technology. Excellent graphics and sound effects will leave you breathless! As a child did you want to be an astronaut? What about meeting the outer-space civilizations and being the first ambassador of the Earth? Sounds great? Then start playing the game Astro Avenger to be trained in the cosmic forces at a military fighter of the Alpha class. You have to master the controls of the space fighter, examine the weapons and learn how to manage them. You can serve the planet Earth and plunge into the unknown world of the boundless space in just a few moments after you download Astro Avenger. In this exciting game you can be closer to the stars and reveal their secrets. You will be able to walk on the Moon and take photos there or even fly to the Mars and find life on it. Once you get through the training, put on your new spacesuit for your first job. You'll find new uncharted planets inhabited by amazing creatures. New civilizations will reveal their mysteries to you. But there is evil in the galaxy, which threatens the prosperity and peace of many civilizations. You need to go to the edge of the galaxy to prevent the invasion of the enemy. Buy the necessary weapons for the future battlefield. Do not forget to replenish ammunition and update the armor on your spaceship. You'll find five galaxies with more than 25 types of enemy ships. Good luck in your dangerous struggle!


    Astro Avenger
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