Me Alone 2  Me Alone 2

  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1.5 Ghz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • 128 Mb of video memory
  • Me Alone 2
    Me Alone 2
    Are you afraid of the dark, monsters and zombies? Face your worst fears in the game Me Alone 2. You will find yourself in a deserted city during the night. Your first mission is to explore the location. You will meet ugly monsters of different kinds: merciless zombies, revolting butchers and disgusting people with deformed limbs. All of them will try to kill you so keep your eyes open and listen to the slightest noise. At first you won't even have any weapons to fight them so the name of the game is true: you are alone in this battle between good and evil. You can enter all the buildings in order to find some kind of weapon. When you finally have a baseball bat you will be able to fight the monsters and protect yourself. But keep searching and you'll find more useful things: shotguns or machine guns, rifles or pistols. You also need to get cartridges for all this military hardware. You will be walking through extremely dangerous and frightful places such as a cemetery, a landfill or a ghost town. There is a very big map and you can choose any place on it. Moreover, you can visit different floors of each building and go into the basements. Me Alone 2 will definitely challenge your nerves: are you ready for it? To make the whole atmosphere even more sinister, it is constantly raining so you cannot see very well. The cunning monsters are hiding behind objects and can creep at you from the back. Me Alone 2 is a real horror so pluck up your courage!


    Me Alone 2
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