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    Open Kart

    You play as an international Kart driver with your ultimate goal being to progress through 3different championships and classes, in order to win the definitive 250cc championship ! Oneobjective : to win races ; with this comes experience and money to upgrade your kart. An excellent driving discipline and a true racing simulation: the driver has to drive fast but alsoto correctly set his kart up; to buy new mechanical parts, to repair them and to please hissponsors… He has to perform as a team manager and to drive cleverly in the hope winning the world title. Free Game features: - 20 international circuits in 10 countries; - 3 classes of karts with unique handling: 100cc, 125cc and 250cc; - A complete Career mode; - An Arcade mode: no settings just race and go; - A Time Trial mode; - Many settings: tires, engine, brakes, etc.; - Customisable karts; - Variable weather conditions.

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