Toy Factory  Toy Factory

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1 Ghz or better
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0
  • Toy Factory
    Toy Factory
    Provide Santa with lots of toys to return Christmas in the nice game Toy Factory! Are you fond of holidays? Everybody likes them because all the people can get and make presents to their friends and relatives. And it’s amazing! Christmas is the favorite holiday of all the children because it’s a perfect chance to enrich your collection of toys with new things. But what happens if I tell you that the Christmas is cancelled because the Santa’s toys’ supplies are practically empty? Let’s find a brave heart who will produce lots of toys lightning fast and save Christmas! Meet the hardworking girl Wilma, she is your savior. But she won’t be a success alone, help her and return Christmas spirits to people’s hearts again! Wilma is a heiress of the huge toy factory and her uncle was the biggest supplier of the Santa Claus, Inc., so give a good account of yourself! The reindeer and elves are here, so it’s time to start. Try not to detain them – they are in a hurry. Look through the detailed tutorial and start playing. Reindeers with elves are frequent guests at your workshop, so take their order and start making it. Launch the conveyor with toys, make them and sell to the reindeers. Be attentive and try not to miss a thing or you are to start working with the conveyor from the very beginning. At first, you can make only a bicycle or a horse-toy but later on you can get more new receipts, learn them and widen your factory. Satisfy the tiny elves by tasty soft drinks and delicious sweeties to get extra tips. Keep in mind that you are to be quick not to irritate the reindeers or you’ll stay without money. Buy various upgrades to improve your factory and speed the production up! Choose the mode and do your best to cope with the tasks: in the Story mode you will enjoy the whole story while in the Endless mode you are to show everybody how quick you are to serve all the clients. Get lots of achievements in the game Toy Factory and help Santa Claus make presents for all the children!


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