AquaBall  AquaBall

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 800 Mhz or better
  • 128 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.1
  • AquaBall
    Welcome to AquaBall, dear player! If you are looking for some entertaining adventure this game is definitely for you! Together with your nice and cute machine you dive into the underwater world, full of various treasures and secrets. Certainly, the owner doesn't want them to be found easily so the chests are locked with utmost care. Surely, that's not the problem for the treasure hunter like you! Just break all the barriers and blow up all the locks that block your way to the desire treasures! Likely, you have the ball that can do all hard work for you - just point it to the right direction with your powerful machine. Think AquaBall is too boring and predictable? Not at least! While progressing in the game you'll be supplied with all kinds of bonuses starting from small coins and finishing with extra lives. Do your best and catch only those that can be useful while hunting for treasures. Remember, you can enlarge you paddle or the ball, catch the magnet to set the trajectory and fire the ball to perform the super damage to the chests! Triple bonus will definitely make you happy as 3 balls are always better than one. Moreover, you don't have to catch all three - leave just one but be sure it will touch the paddle. If not, you lose 1 life. In the beginning you have only 3 of them so be particularly careful about it. What are you waiting for? Listen to the energetic music and win every level! Download AquaBall right now absolutely for free and find all treasures under the water!


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