Back To Earth 2  Back To Earth 2

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 800 Mhz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.1
  • Back To Earth 2
    Back To Earth 2
    Head out to space in this arcade adventure of epic proportions. Back to Earth 2 is a space shooter in the style of classic arcade games. With seven different episodes each capped off by a challenging and unique boss battle, this side-scrolling shooter is sure to bring hours of entertainment. Multilayer interstellar bodies and explosions bring the graphics of Back to Earth 2 a step above traditional arcade game graphics, and reveal the meticulous level of detail which has gone into the creation of this amazing game. As you adventure across the cosmos, face the many different types of enemies as you collect nine different bonuses and four different weapons to use on the variety of challenging opponents who inhabit the stars. Only the most skilled players will be able to defeat each of the final bosses in order to successfully complete their trip home. Back to Earth 2 brings side-scrolling arcade action straight to your PC, and is surely a game any gamer would want to pick up and play. The twenty-eight levels of exciting action are sure to keep you glued to your seat! Only you can defend your homeland from this new threat, so grab your guns and set out on your epic quest today!


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