Great Secrets: Nostradamus  Great Secrets: Nostradamus

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    Great Secrets: Nostradamus
    One name is covered with mystery, one historical person has been argued about for centuries. One truth has not been discovered yet. Try to find a key to one of the most intriguing enigmas of the world while enjoying the outstanding puzzle game Great Secrets: Nostradamus. Follow Michelle's destiny from the beginning of the 16th century, when he has started seeing those unexplainable visions that takes him far away from the time he lives in. Young predictor searches for an advice through all Europe, and asks the most brilliant people for help. You are so close to make things clear for Michelle! Leonardo Da Vinci and Fernand Magellan know great methods that may calm down anyone and set all stresses away. Take your portion of relaxing entertainment with the game Great Secrets: Nostradamus. Do you know who of great people could write with both hands similarly or whose design is still delighting tourists in the famous Chigi Chapel? You will be happy to find out answers to that and a lot more thrilling facts inside of this awesome puzzle game. Two different modes are available to satisfy you. Choose the casual mode to relax and take your time solving jigsaw puzzles and searching for objects or having fun with any in-game activity. Or go to the advanced mode to challenge your skills and play with different limits and penalties for breaking the rules. Complete masterpieces of art and use alchemist mechanisms to finish level's goal. Use refillable hints and make pauses any time - the game will be kindly saved to protect your progress. Download it for free and remember, it's not easy to come to the end of this cool puzzle game Great Secrets: Nostradamus!


    Great Secrets: Nostradamus
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