Juliette's Fashion Empire  Juliette's Fashion Empire

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 800 Mhz or better
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 7.0
  • Juliette's Fashion Empire
    Juliette's Fashion Empire
    Build your own clothing design business all over the world with a fabulous game Juliette's Fashion Empire! This game is perfect for girls of all ages. Juliette has just graduated from the Fashion Academy in New York and opened her own boutique. But alas! There are no customers. She talks to Adrian, a guy who is more successful than she. The main thing in this business is the brand recognition. Despite wise advice Adrian gave her, he is sure she will fail. Help Juliette prove her opponent is wrong in the game Juliette's Fashion Empire! Enter your shop and be ready to prepare models for a catwalk. At first only the newcomers will work with you. Good news: they have much more patience than the supermodels. The icon above the model shows what she wants. Some need to drink a glass of juice first or play a video game. Then they will be ready for a make-up. After that you need to show them to a dressing room where they will pick up the outfit they like. When the models are happy with the dress you'll see smiles on their faces. After that you need to help the models choose accessories. Only then they are ready for a catwalk. Moreover, you'll need to cope with the tasks quickly or the models will lose patience and leave! The better you cope the more money you'll make. Practically everything can be upgraded in your boutique. The more comfortable are the chairs, the make-up tables, the dressing rooms, the more patient the models are. You can hire assistants to help you cope with such a number of tasks. Beat your opponents and win the hearts of the New York, Milan, Paris and London citizens in a spectacular game Juliette's Fashion Empire!


    Juliette's Fashion Empire
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