Mahjong Memoirs  Mahjong Memoirs

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  • Mahjong Memoirs
    Mahjong Memoirs
    Rack your brains and enjoy a great logic game Mahjong Memoirs! Are you ready to plunge into the magnificent world of Japan? Enjoy the pleasure of blooming cherry trees, the freshness of cool waterfalls and the amazing beauty of bonsai! Japan is the most ancient country with a rich history and traditions – just remember about courageous samurai or beautiful geishas. Other countries hardly ever had such traditions and rituals. And when the brain training tasks are combined with gorgeous plot and interesting gameplay – it’s a real success! So don’t waste time – just launch the logic game Mahjong Memoirs for free and get smarter! If you want to boost your attention, quick wits and logic – the game Mahjong Memoirs is a nice choice for you! Welcome to Japan and attend the most interesting mahjong lessons! Here you will plunge into the ancient tradition of board games where your main aim is to remove the pairs of identical tiles from the game board. There are some rules that you should keep in mind: select the pairs of matching tiles to remove them and clear the board. The level in the game Mahjong Memoirs is complete when there are no tiles on the game board left. Only open tiles can be selected, if the tile or both of them are locked by other tiles, they can’t be removed. So do your best to get rid of the lockers to cope with the levels in the game Mahjong Memoirs and get precious rewards. There are lots of them: earn 3 stars on 100 different levels to become a Master, get 100 total stars to make a Star Struck, own a Sonkei statuette for completing all the levels in the Endless mode or get the precious doll Unmei for completing the Story mode. If you are an amateur – choose the option “Snow Free Tiles” to grey out locked tiles, or use Hints to make the game easier. If you want to accept a real challenge – try to complete the Sequence Matches. Match 5 tiles in a row in the order of suits shown on the screen to get extra point and increase the level of your rank. Enjoy the ravishing logic game Mahjong Memoirs, visit lots of picturesque locations and have fun!


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