Mosaic: Game of Gods  Mosaic: Game of Gods

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1.4 Ghz or better
  • 128 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.1
  • Mosaic: Game of Gods
    Mosaic: Game of Gods
    Return peace and harmony to the world immersed in chaos and play the game Mosaic: Game of Gods! It’s time to dive into the fantasy world where light and darkness are struggling to possess the planet and subdue people to their will. Such an intriguing story, isn’t it? Who will be a winner? Only you can define the world’s destiny! The cunning God of Chaos has destroyed the world by shattering it into millions of small pieces and only the Goddess of Creation can return the magical world its former appearance. But she won’t be able to cope with everything alone — help her restore the world! There are about 150 levels for you to complete, so start your adventure right now! The world is broken to pieces and now you are to become a Creator who can make the picture from the millions of randomly thrown fragments. Choose the suitable mode: Normal is for hardcore players while Relaxed is for those who just want to have a rest without time limits. In each level you have special goals — consider all of them to get the maximum scores. You are to assemble the picture without mistakes within the given amount of time to receive highest possible result in scoreboard. So, don’t waste time! Accept the challenge and try your luck in solving jigsaw puzzles in the game Mosaic: Game of Gods! Be careful to place the fragments to the right places not to lose stars and don’t forget about hints. Get the amazingly beautiful pictures and get lots of trophies! For finishing the game’s stages you can receive such trophies as Crown of Creation, Tree of Life, Crystal Crane or Silver Lily. Add to your collection Bronze, Silver, Golden and Platinum Horseshoes for completing the levels with 3 stars. Get a unique trophy Enchanted Lantern for playing left-handed mode in the game Mosaic: Game of Gods and receive the rarest trophy Chaos Crown for collecting all the trophies ever. Enjoy the perfect soundtrack in the puzzle Mosaic: Game of Gods and help the Goddess of Creation turn the disgusting ruins to the blooming kingdom again!


    Mosaic: Game of Gods
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