Nitro Racers  Nitro Racers

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Processor 1 Ghz or better
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • 64 Mb of video memory
  • Nitro Racers
    Nitro Racers
    Awesome! This is what you feel enjoying the unbelievable game Nitro Racers! It is quite different from what you've tried before. Outstanding racing cars are ready to burst the track under your control. All you need is to start the engine and feel the power under the hood. Wait for the signal and rush from the very first second to the trophy for real masters of the driving art. Forget all you have known and follow the objectives. That's right, you must not simply be the first but perform a strict discipline and get the place you are told to. Cool 3D visuals of Nitro Racers blow your feelings of reality and you immerse fully into the atmosphere of adrenaline and absolute challenge! You see how the road is shaking under all those mighty beasts fighting for points and respect. And stop scratching your car on the bumpers because all is seen after the race. 10 realistic tracks must be eaten by your professionalism. Unlock new cars to perform even better driving. Practice available tracks as long as you want in the quick race mode and remember all angles and radiuses of turns. Experience realistic physics and driving conditions of a true competition. No maps or flashing turn warnings - pure speed and handling skills of a top-class driver. Challenge best racers and perform best results. Listen to the highly dynamic soundtrack which gives you an additional portion of energy. Use all available nitro to speed up when you need it on a line or get out of a hard turn. Download the original game Nitro Racers and explore the world of adrenaline and dare-devil drivers!


    Nitro Racers
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