Sea Bounty  Sea Bounty

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 600 Mhz or better
  • 128 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.0
  • Sea Bounty
    Sea Bounty
    There is always a breathtaking story beyond every pirate life. The main character of Sea Bounty used to be a law-abiding citizen until once he made a decision to make a move in the New World in order to get better life. Soon after, he got frustrated by facing slavery and betrayal of the New World. Meanwhile, the Sea Bounty‘s hero has understood that instead of struggling against injustice he'd better become a part of that for a while. So the wanderer ran off to Jamaica where he joined a pirate team that was given the right to attack Spanish ships by the rulers of their kingdom. The newly-made sea robber got surprised that most part of pirate life was not crazy nights in doubtful pubs of Jamaica and the Caribbean and songs about robberies and everyday sea living. According to Sea Bounty, the greatest part of successful sea wolves' life is economics and planning. Thus, the newly-made pirate decided to get under the leadership of a captain he met nearby reckless Jamaica which seemed to be very experienced in trade. Unfortunately, for the main hero of Sea Bounty, the captain he trusted in lied to him about his experience like all the pirates would have done. His only achievement is a captain rank on a vessel that has almost no cannons, skillful sailors and luck. Fortunately, that captain is your part in Sea Bounty. You have to understand economics and planning patterns before your team figure out that there could be some greater captain and before you go bankrupt. Enjoy your new Captain status, look after your new sailor and don't give your team to “shave your belly with a rusty razor” in Sea Bounty.


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