Sparkle  Sparkle

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 800 Mhz or better
  • 128 Mb RAM
  • Sparkle
    Sparkle is a joyful but mysterious journey across the Crowberry woods where amulets are locked in huge chests and hidden in the darkness. In the shades something strange is going on and it's not a safe place for a traveler. But the boldest ones dare to step inside from time to time. There is a riddle which is pleasant to try. Lots of magical orbs are rolling to the depth of catacombs in Sparkle. They are all of various colors and in complete disorder. It's necessary to put them in a row of the same color again and destroy them before they fall in the depth of darkness. Every time you finish a level successfully you are given a chance to step deeper in the woods. The route is full of traps and no one but you can choose the next direction. On the map there are many secret corners and if you are an acute shooter you'll find no difficulty to go through all of them. After you earn some points for acute shooting there will be new modes available for you. Every time you shoot well you are given a power-up which increases your magical skill and gives you new opportunities to play faster and more elaborately. Power-ups are numerous and vary in the skill they heighten. You can fire with fire balls or a purple wave of fire, use a joker ball which takes the color you need, frost ray will also help you to clear orbs off the way. The chain of orbs will move backwards due to the appropriate power-up. So there are lots of entertaining moments in Sparkle and you need to try it once to realize it's an outstanding game and leisure activity!


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