Spin the Wheels and Make a Fortune!  Spin the Wheels and Make a Fortune!

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Spin the Wheels and Make a Fortune!
Spin the Wheels and Make a Fortune!

All the Excitement, None of the Cost

Do you feel it? Can you hear the beckoning call of Las Vegas? Do you yearn for the sights, sounds and thrills of its entertainment, where fortunes are won and lost with every passing moment? So you wish you could experience that feeling minus the expense and risk of losing your entire life savings?

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Today you can with Vegas Penny Slots. Indulge your urge to gamble with this exciting collection of slot machines that will only cost you pennies to enjoy!

Five Games in One Package!

That’s right! In Vegas Penny Slots, you get not one, not two, but five different slot machines to play on, each with its own distinctive look, theme, winning combinations and bonuses!

Play Dragon Dollars for a Chinese-themed game, complete with beautiful traditional music, gorgeous Asian artwork and calligraphy, and dragons!
Bet everything you have and find love with Mega Hearts 2!
Play the Golden Vault if you just can’t get enough of the sight of money!
Set out on an African safari with the slots of Kalahari Sun!
Spin the wheels with King Tut, Cleopatra and Anubis in Egyptian Dreams!

More Than Just Twirling the Slots

There’s more to Vegas Penny Slots than betting and spinning the wheels. Like any good casino, there’s always even more variety to be found to increase your winnings.

Spin the right payline and enter a bonus round! Play free games that cost nothing and win you everything.
Special minigames available! Assemble puzzles and swap tiles for even greater in-game cash rewards!
Play a round of cards or roulette in between spins to earn more cash, if not outright double it!

Play Forever!

Vegas Penny Slots saves your winnings for each individual game, so you never need to worry about needing to cash out after a nice winning streak. You can always quit the game, come back later, and bet even more with your previous earnings.

Even better, all five games have the top ten high score lists saved up. Climb the ladders, top the lists, beat your records and compete against your family to see who can win the most money at once!

Take Vegas Home or On the Go

Vegas Penny Slots gives you the addictive thrill of playing and winning the slot machines with none of the monetary risks. If you just cannot get enough of the slots, or get the spirit of the city out of your head, then you most definitely owe it to yourself to give these virtual machines a spin!

Try your luck today!


Spin the Wheels and Make a Fortune!
Spin the Wheels and Make a Fortune! - 1
Spin the Wheels and Make a Fortune!
Spin the Wheels and Make a Fortune! - 2

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