Alien Outbreak 2  Alien Outbreak 2

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Processor 600 Mhz or better
  • 128 Mb RAM
  • Alien Outbreak 2
    Alien Outbreak 2
    Ever since the beginning of history the humanity has never faced this kind of danger. Enormous intergalactic army begins a global war aiming to destroy mankind and take over our planet. You and your battleship are the last hope of civilization, so put doubts and fears aside and protect all of us in the game Alien Outbreak 2! Increase your survival skills and become the best space pilot throughout all times. Start up your ship and hurry up to the battlefield in the outer space. You will face hundreds of well-equipped enemy spacecraft forces which are as merciless as professional. Maneuver between mines and bullets shooting them back and destroying detachments one by one. Simple and low-armored enemies are followed by heavy battleships that try to cry and defeat you. Pick up bonuses and power-ups falling from destroyed rivals and shoot your weapons covering the space with enemies' wreckages. Alien Outbreak 2 is ready to provide you with cool graphic and awesome SFX of your revenge spreading around the enemy bases. Use heavy missiles that destroy a ship with a single shot or a heavy electric charge which knows no barriers. Set a mine and pick up a power shield making your ship invulnerable. Stealth technology will hide you misleading enemy strikes and don't forget about one special feature that doubles your fire rate. Improve your primary gun together with the main armor and fly straight to the boss of a mission, who is responsible for destructions around the galaxy. Enough waiting, download this challenging space shooter game Alien Outbreak 2 and explore more than 70 levels of universal adrenaline!


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