The Treasures Of Montezuma  The Treasures Of Montezuma

  • Windows XP/Vista
  • Processor 1.2 Ghz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0
  • The Treasures Of Montezuma
    The Treasures Of Montezuma
    Discover an ancient Aztec city with the marvelous Match 3 game The Treasures Of Montezuma! Go back to past and get acquainted with Emily Jones, a student working in the Archeological Museum in Mexico. For Ms. Jones this job is a brilliant opportunity to study the ancient culture and artifacts. She pays attention to a strange edifice located in the center of the museum’s library. A similar structure was mentioned in the notes of a Spanish monk who lived in those lands. The monk claimed that this edifice was a map for a mysterious Aztec city, where according to a legend Montezuma Calendar is hidden – a relic that can give its possessor eternal life! Are you ready for a beautiful and unpredictable journey? The legend says that sun stones from a game of magic will show the way to the city. Emily searches the museum for clues and finds a box with colored tokens some of which are crusted with gems. You need to swap the adjacent tokens to create combinations with them. Your aim is to collect a certain number of gems during the level, so destroy tokens with gems in the first place. In the logic game The Treasures Of Montezuma you need to think quickly as time is limited! When it comes to the score calculation, everything counts: the level time, the best combo you made, the number of destroyed tokens, the bonuses you used, etc. After each level you will be awarded with a Golden Star, which you can use to buy and upgrade bonuses and Power Totems. These Totems can give you the unique power. If you buy Fire Totem it will destroy some of the tokens with fireballs when activated. Time Totem gives you additional time, Golden Totem awards extra points. In this game for girls there is a striking variety of bonuses! For example, you can increase the number of gems that can appear on the playing field. TNT bonus blows up the nearby tokens when it explodes. There is a bonus which produces lighting that destroys the tokens above. You can buy a bonus that gives you additional time. To activate any bonus you need to make a combination with the token it is attached to. Apart from unbelievable bonuses, there is a Score Frenzy mode! The sand from the destroyed tokens fills the sandbox at the bottom of the playing fields. When the box is full, Score Frenzy mode is activated, which means that the points you earn while this mode is on are doubled! You can buy Hint or additional time for the scores. When Emily places the first collected gems on one of the pedestals that make up the stone structure, the gems produce a ray of light pointing to another pedestal. Soon the girl realizes there is some logical pattern in this process, but each pedestal requires 5 more gems! That means that the game will become more and more difficult. The variety of tokens will increase as well, so the puzzles will get tricky! Chains appear at some tokens, locking them up. You can’t move them until you make a combination with the locked token or destroy it using bonuses and Totems. Will you cope with such a hard task? If you are at a dead end, you can click Shuffle button, and all the tokens on the playing field will be shuffled. Due to the fabulous mixture of intriguing story, ethnic music and breath-taking adventure you can’t but enjoy the game The Treasures Of Montezuma! Step by step you get closer to revealing the historic mystery! Besides, fantastic awards are waiting for you for different achievements. Activate a luminescent map, which will show you the way to everlasting life! Become the discoverer of the ancient artifact in the gorgeous game The Treasures Of Montezuma!


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