Among the Heavens  Among the Heavens

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor 1.5 Ghz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0
  • Among the Heavens
    Among the Heavens
    Help the friends restore the unique tavern among the heavens! Are you fond of fast-paced time-management games? In the game Among the Heavens you will show your skills as an architect and repair the old tavern that used to be famous among the customers. Start playing right now! Cid and Markus are at all pains to become prosperous restaurant-keepers, so they start from the very beginning: help them deserve respect among heavenly citizens and they will be a success. There are lots of guests in the renovated tavern, try to keep all their preferences in mind to get good tips. Do your best to seat the customers in such a way to match the color of their outfit with the color of the table – so your tips will be doubled, don’t forget about this hint! At the very beginning your menu isn’t varied, there are several types of tasty potions and that’s all, but later on you can expand the menu to make it more competitive among other heavenly taverns. Seat your guests and give them menus, they’ll need small time to decide what to drink. When they make an order, confirm it and be quick to serve them not to wait for their impatience. All the guests are different, for example, sorcerers are friendly and can wait longer than skydivers. Skydivers are impatient boys so avoid trying their temper, it can be dangerous, they can leave you without tips and jump to another tavern. Between the levels you can play absorbing match 3 games, move items around to make rows of 3 and receive a power-up potion. It will be helpful in the next levels by speeding Cid up. Collect the rows of 3 and more ingredients and get the exact number of scores! There are various magical items such as grimoires, sunflowers, leaves, berries and of course shamrocks. Try to reach the goal of scores lightning fast to get extra rewards! Lots of achievements are waiting for you in the game Among the Heavens! Become “Rising Star” for completing the first stage with 3 stars, get “Be my guest” achievement for serving a total of 80 parties and finally you’ll be a “Lucky Star” for completing 15 levels without losing a client. Have fun playing the game Among the Heavens and develop the heavenly tavern!


    Among the Heavens
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