Claws and Feathers  Claws and Feathers

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1.5 Ghz or better
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0
  • Claws and Feathers
    Claws and Feathers
    Outwit the sly cats to rescue cute chicks from the traps in the amazing game Claws & Feathers! Have fun playing the outstanding match 3 game Claws & Feathers and enjoy the nice cartoonish gameplay! Here you are to provide your brains with a perfect workout because both your logical thinking and quick wits are required in the game to get good results. The plot is easy yet amazing – the group of sly cats has kidnapped the little chicks from their nests under cover of night and now the anxious parents are at all pains to return their nestlings back home. There is a game board in front of you with lots of multicolored birds – match the birds of the same colors in groups of 3 to clear the way to the key from the cages. Get the keys to unlock the traps and rescue chicks! Both grown-ups and children will appreciate the game Claws & Feathers without fail, it's easy yet captivating! Just click and hold the left mouse button to move birds and other objects. Forget about complicated tutorials, the navigation is really easy here. So don't think about it, just concentrate on the plot. Each level has its own goals: they are varied from the level difficulty. But the main point is to release exact amount of chicks, remove cats from the game board and complete the level within several moves. If you are not satisfied with your result, try again and you'll be a success. Think over your moves in advance to follow the conditions of the level and save the chicks as quick as you can! Some of the birds are in chains – it means you should make extra actions with them to get rid of chains. Just match such birds in groups twice and take them away as ordinary ones. Cats are trying to stop you, they surround the precious key so you are to remove the cats to get the key! Surround a cat with at least 2 matching birds and they will carry it away. Don't forget that the bigger the cat is – the more birds you need to catch it. During the game Claws & Feathers you'll meet helpful power-ups, use them wisely to set the defenseless chicks free from the cats' claws!


    Claws and Feathers
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