Alice in Wonderland  Alice in Wonderland

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  • Alice in Wonderland

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    I. Introduction

    A. Brief background on Alice in Wonderland story B. Explanation of the game concept

    II. Gameplay Mechanics

    A. Player controls Alice and navigates through different levels B. Use of puzzles and challenges to progress C. Ability to interact with various characters from the story

    III. Level Design

    A. Different settings inspired by scenes from the book (e.g., Mad Hatter's tea party, Queen of Hearts' garden) B. Each level presents unique obstacles and puzzles related to the setting

    IV. Characters and Abilities

    A. Alice - Main character with basic movement and jumping abilities B. Friends - Characters like Cheshire Cat or White Rabbit who provide assistance or hints C. Enemies - Characters like playing cards or Jabberwocky that pose threats to Alice

    V. Objectives and Progression

    A. Main objective is to find a way back home while encountering key characters from the story B. Collecting items or solving puzzles to unlock new areas and progress through levels

    VI. Power-ups and Rewards

    A. Power-ups like shrinking potion or growing mushroom that grant temporary abilities to Alice B. Unlockable costumes or cosmetic rewards for completing certain tasks or finding hidden collectibles

    VII. Boss Battles

    A.Unique boss encounters with iconic characters such as the Queen of Hearts or the Caterpillar B.Players must strategize and use their acquired abilities to defeat bosses


    A.Summary of gameplay features and overall experience. B.Mention potential expansions, DLCs, or future updates.


    Alice in Wonderland
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    Alice in Wonderland
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    Alice in Wonderland
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