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    Once upon a time there was a nice prosperous country where people lived their peaceful life facing no troubles. They were ordinary men and women who could be proud of their country. But one day the king of it put an end to the relaxing atmosphere of the people's lifestyle. He met an astrologer and decided to execute him for no logical reasons. Of course, it was like a bolt from the blue. The whole country and the king were cursed with the last words of the astrologer. And awful things started happening since that day – the forest filled with numerous disgusting spiders, black art did a lot of harm to the cities, poor people began to leave the damned country. What could be done to fight with the powers of Astrology? Luckily, the court magus found the solution – his advice was to find some special rare ingredients which could put an end to the evil spell. But the way to the victory is always long and dangerous with lots of bars and difficulties. Who will be able to cope with them? If you're brave enough and the adventures like this don't frighten you then you must go and look for the ingredients to ruin the spells of Astrology. You have got some attempts to overcome the fears and pass level by level very carefully collecting the necessary things. Don't stop – take what you need and go on. You should be quick and bring the remedy for the country as fast as you can. Astrology will surprise you on your way. Save the country and its people from the dark powers right now!


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