Dancing Craze  Dancing Craze

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1.2 Ghz or better
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • 128 Mb of video memory
  • Dancing Craze
    Dancing Craze
    Do you like dancing? Or perhaps you like watching others doing this? If you're still not sure in your preferences then welcome to Dancing Craze. Here you'll be able to make up your mind faster as there will be no time to think - it's time to run your own business. You'll make friends with 2 beautiful energetic girls who decided to open their dancing school and become members of their dancing team in the future. Girls' dream is to impress producers and get an opportunity to record videos. But such things can't be done at once, so the girls are ready to start now. Various difficulties and problem are waiting for them. It's not cheap either. Luckily, dancing means everything for Hollywood, nobody can do without it there, so these classes are extremely popular especially among young people who have more spare time and can't imagine their life without moving. So the studio doesn't lack visitors. But the more people come the more equipment they need. The girls started with only 3 simple pads. Now the number of clients is increasing. They demand comfortable conditions so the girls will have to buy new pads, a massage table and a washing machine to provide clients with clean towels after the trainings. Join the girls in Dancing Craze, earn money and upgrade your school. Pay special attention to the newcomers, show them the studio and explain the rules. Soon it'll be impossible to teach dancers with only one trainer, so you'll have to spend money on hiring one more teacher. But don't feel sorry for the sum spent on it. Thousands of dollars will come to you in the shortest time possible. Just do your best in Dancing Craze to succeed!


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