Fish Tycoon  Fish Tycoon

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  • Fish Tycoon
    Fish Tycoon
    We pass days moving fast to have time to work and to do our duties. We meet other people, communicate with them, make telephone calls, post e-mails and rush from one place to the other. We're ready to do several things at the same time to make good money. But our work doesn't always bring satisfaction and very often we feel sick and tired of it at the end of the day. As the week passes we can't help thinking how nice it would be if we had such a work that brought pleasure and gave at least an hour a day to relax. Well, it may sound unreal but the solution has already been found! What about working as Fish Tycoon? Do you remember yourself watching the fish swimming in a big beautiful fish tank? Your mind and body filled with peace and calmness. These colorful creatures of different size and tint can not only bring relaxation but good money also. Yes, it's really so. If you make it your business and learn some facts about taking proper care of the fish you have you can become rich and successful in this sphere. Of course, it's not very easy at first to deal with great amount of information to swallow and expensive equipment to buy, but do believe: it's worth trying. Being a Fish Tycoon means buying necessary things such as Cleaning Snail, Temperature regulator or Aeration System to provide your fish with good conditions. When you feel you have a good collection of fish you can sell them in your store. The first clients will bring money and you'll be able to afford buying some decorations, for example Sunken Ship Ornament or Golden Seahorse to attract more visitors. Download the game right now and the world will see a new Fish Tycoon!


    Fish Tycoon
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