Fruit Link  Fruit Link

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 600 Mhz or better
  • 128 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.1
  • Fruit Link
    Fruit Link
    Enjoy the juicy puzzle Fruit Link and train your attention! Are you fond of mouth-watering fruits able to charge you with energy anytime? In the game Fruit Link you are to show if you are quick enough to cope with challenging tasks! Even if you are not a great fun of match 3 games, you’ll like it without fail. You see a game field full of fruits in front of you. And your main aim is to complete the tasks during the given amount of time. Don’t miss this unique chance, start playing the game Fruit Link right now! Welcome to the amazing garden where you can taste colorful fruits: red cherries, yellow peas, green apples, purple grapes… A great fruit mix is waiting for you! Your main aim is to fill the fruit bar during the given time and get the required number of scores. Just match the same fruits together and remove them from the game field. You can join fruits not only horizontally and vertically but also diagonally, so be attentive not to miss available variants. The longer chain of fruits you remove is - the more scores you’ll get, so try to make the longest possible chains. Make combos to get extra scores and get explosive bonuses. They will be really helpful! You are to fulfill several conditions to go to the next level, so do your best to cope with all of them lightning fast! Each level has its own conditions – time limit and a number of scores you are to get. At first, it’s easy enough to cope with all of them. But future levels may become a real undertaking because the time has a strict limitation and the number of scores is more than before. But don’t give up – break the long chains of fruits to get bombs. They explode removing the fruits from the game board and you get extra scores. Keep in mind that some of the fruit cells are frozen and at first you are to unlock them. Make a combination including such a cell to unfreeze it and later on use it again while matching the group of the same fruits and remove it from the game board. Warm summer is just round the corner – just play the game Fruit Link and return pleasant summer days again!


    Fruit Link
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