Heavy Blast  Heavy Blast

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1.7 Ghz or better
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • Heavy Blast
    Heavy Blast
    Are you ready to meet monsters face to face? Of course, you haven't thought about it today in the morning while washing your teeth and drinking morning coffee. But the ways of the Lord are inscrutable and every day you should be ready to do things you have never done before. The new game is for real daredevils, reckless and courageous. In the game Heavy Blast you'll become the ill-famed smuggler whose name is well-known even beyond the solar system. When the laboratories are short of necessary substances and they are unable to get them legally, the only way to replenish supplies is to turn to the smugglers. They have everything - weapon, different toxic and chemical substances and even rare viruses. Ryo got an order, the secret laboratory promised to pay a lot for the barrels with cryoxid - expensive material for lively creatures' transportation - the material produces oxygen and provides it even into the airless areas. And the smuggler understood that the laboratory's work is connected with the scientific experiments on living creatures. When he arrived at the station, he was horror-stricken: the modern laboratory was razed to the ground and nothing except bloody spots on the floor and the walls reminded about presence of scientists. Ryo watched videos from the watching cameras and was shocked - the unknown creatures got out of their incubators and tore scientists into pieces. These scientists had created the strain of the new virus and tested it on the prisoners that lately turned into violent creatures. And now these mutated human beings want to revenge for their ruined lives upon the whole mankind… You are the only who can annihilate the crowds of bloodthirsty monsters and save the Earth. Download the game Heavy Blast and try this perfect shooter!


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