Mexicana: Deadly Holiday  Mexicana: Deadly Holiday

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1.5 Ghz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0
  • Mexicana: Deadly Holiday
    Mexicana: Deadly Holiday
    Help Maria set her beloved free from the world of the dead in the astonishing game Mexicana: Deadly Holiday! If you are fond of thrilling stories, you will like the one represented in the game Mexicana: Deadly Holiday without fail. Just imagine a long-awaited holiday to the Mexico where you will have a rest all days long. And the famous Day of the Dead is celebrated during your journey – you are so lucky! But who can ever imagine that this jolly day can turn your life into the nightmare… Play the beautiful hidden object game Mexicana: Deadly Holiday and travel to the world of the dead with Maria, the main character of the story. She has nobody but you to rely on and she can’t save her beloved Vitor without your help! Nothing meant trouble at the beginning. The happy couple was going to celebrate the mysterious Dia de Muertos and decided to visit the fortune-teller to rattle nerves a bit. Maria didn’t like the idea of discovering the future but Vitor persisted and took her to the shaman. After some manipulations the old woman shew the couple the card of the dead and at the same moment a phantom has captured Vitor and transferred him to the underworld. And the desperate girl has nothing to do but perform a special ritual with the shaman and go to the pandemonium. Help Maria explore the sinister yet ravishing locations such as cemetery, Mexico market and even the eerie circus to play all mini-games and find the necessary items for the magical ritual. Use a hammer to hit only red moving figurines to cope with the task, find all the opposite card pairs of the same theme or restore the mechanism from the randomly thrown details – all the mini-games in Mexicana: Deadly Holiday are extremely amazing! It’s time to see how good you are at potion making: find all the components of the magical elixir, brew it and make a special bread of the dead to get the dead spirits on your side. Get ready to the breathtaking adventures of the frightening holiday and help Maria find Vitor in the world of the dead!


    Mexicana: Deadly Holiday
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