Missing Sisters  Missing Sisters

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor 600 Mhz or better
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.1
  • Missing Sisters
    Missing Sisters
    Develop your logic skills and find the main character’s sisters in the colorful match 3 game Missing Sisters! Are you ready to join the small brave girl in her searches of missing sisters? She needs your help because you are the only who can help her! So do your best to be helpful. If you are afraid of mysterious detective stories where lots of dangers are waiting for you, in the game Missing Sisters you won’t face such difficulties where the criminals are at all pains to kill you. But who says that your adventure is easier? You are to check if you are skillful and quick enough to cope with match 3 levels. At first, it looks as easy as ABC but later on you will play the same levels twice or thrice to cope with them and unlock next. The girl’s sisters disappeared into thin air and the only thing left is multicolored gems to gather. There are several islands before you and you can help the brave girl find her sisters on them. You appear on the first island and start playing. Match the rows of gems of the same color and fill the special scale to cope with a level. The future levels will be even more challenging, each of them has its own picturesque views and climate, so you’ll travel to both northern and southern countries. Unfortunately, the limit of time is short enough and the more levels you complete the shorter it’s, so be quick not to replay the level from the very beginning! Gather crystals and try to make the rows of them the longest possible to get a combo! At first, it will be easy for you to proceed in your investigation but later on the levels will get complicated: there will be more tiles of various shapes and colors and the time limitation gets stricter. But don’t be upset, use special bonuses if you are stuck. For example, a bomb removes the tiles despite their colors and fills the scale. Explore the marvelous world full of miracles and fairy tales to find the trails of the main character’s sisters! Enjoy the game Missing Sisters and help the family to unite!


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