Mystery Cruise  Mystery Cruise

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1 Ghz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.0
  • Mystery Cruise
    Mystery Cruise
    Stop the wicked necromancer from getting immortality in the ravishing hidden object game Mystery Cruise! Are you fond of mysterious detective stories with intriguing plot and twisted storyline? In this game you will assist young Amelie in her investigation, and without your help she won’t be a success and the marvelous ship disappears forever. If you are ready to join reckless adventures, let’s start! Launch the game Mystery Cruise and welcome on board of the luxurious ship Seawind together with Amelie! She is really lucky to win a free sea cruise ticket on the astonishingly beautiful liner. If you have ever seen Titanic on the old photos, then you can imagine the splendor! And Seawind can compete with it in grandeur. But the destinies of both of the great ships are unhappy. None of them reached the point of destination, but you can still change the fate of the Seawind! One morning Amelie woke up and found nobody on board except herself, and of course she started her own investigation. What’s happened and what can you do to return the crew and all the passengers back? The ship has dropped into the time spiral and now you can find nobody but a company of ghosts on board. And the dark necromancer on the ship is about to finish his dangerous ritual to become immortal. Don’t waste time, explore all the cabins on the ship and cope with lots of hidden object scenes in the game Mystery Cruise! Train both your attention and quick wits – find various hidden objects from the list and play all kinds of mini-games. Make an old note with a clue from the shattered pieces and continue the searches. Or check if you are skillful enough to complete the mini-games with wires, music tones or even astronomic quest. Find all the soul prints in the game Mystery Cruise to stop the threatening ritual and prevent the old warlock from getting immortality! Help Amelie lock the portal into another world and return the ship back to our reality in the great game Mystery Cruise!


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