Mystery Of Unicorn Castle  Mystery Of Unicorn Castle

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
  • 600 MHz processor or higher
  • 128 Mb RAM
  • 250 Mb of hard drive space
  • DirectX 7 compatible video card
  • Sound card
  • Mystery Of Unicorn Castle
    Mystery Of Unicorn Castle
    Jane Morion always considered herself a normal girl. Except the time when she was sleeping. Her dreams were weird: she often imagined that she was wandering through the long corridors and vast halls of an old dark castle in search of unknown in the game Mystery Of Unicorn Castle. And then the castle walls melted away and she saw a white unicorn which came up to her quietly and gracefully. At this moment she always woke up... One morning Jane found a strange letter. It was an invitation from some Lord Morion who claimed that he was her relative. He asked her to come to England and inherit an old castle. This letter was very intriguing and exciting. Jane decided to go immediately. England was unfriendly and depressing for her. But when she reached her destination Jane forgot about it. In front of her there was the castle from her dreams. But her intuition told her that there was some secret. Are you intrigued? Download the game Mystery Of Unicorn Castle! You have to help Jane Morion to unravel the secrets that are kept in the old castle. Talk to the servants, find some clues and look for different things which might be helpful... Many of the levels in the game Mystery Of Unicorn Castle are full of interactive displays and have mysterious atmosphere. The ancient magic and the modern technology and, good and evil - everything is mixed here. While you're revealing the secrets you will find plenty of mini-games with an unexpected storyline. And who knows, you might even meet a ghost. Mystery Of Unicorn Castle is a very unpredictable game!


    Mystery Of Unicorn Castle
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