Alex Gordon  Alex Gordon

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 600 Mhz or better
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.0
  • Alex Gordon
    Alex Gordon
    Outwit evil powers and save Alice from the trap! Are you fond of incredible treasure hunt and sinister mysteries? Launch the marvelous arcade Alex Gordon and accompany the well-known treasure hunter Alex Gordon to save his sister. Here you’ll dive into the breathtaking atmosphere of adventures together with lucky Alex Gordon. At the beginning, it was just a trip for fun where nothing was of ill omen but later on things got worse. Just a few things can frighten a true treasure hunter who is able to overcome even undertaking obstacles and survive in severe conditions but the fact that his sister has disappeared and he is out of touch with her saving makes Alex disappointed. Of course, if you are a treasure hunter you can’t be an ignorant person who is only eager to become incredibly rich. All the treasures are covered with mysteries and some of them are cursed by sorcerers to prevent treasures from being found in future. So treasure hunters should be unsuspicious and always ready for surprises! Alex Gordon is a brave explorer who can be proud of numerous discoveries – lost islands found by him were turned to the popular resorts and all the treasures were exhibited in the biggest museums. But once when he has set out an expedition together with his sister Alice, unexpected things started to happen. They found a picturesque island where Alex decided to retire: but there was nothing except a serene lagoon with clear ocean water. Everything needs money, help Alex earn gold to build a bungalow to live in and a boat to go fishing. A large cave on the island has immediately attracted travelers’ attention – it was really big and full of treasures. The smart explorer touched an amulet buried in the sand – it was really beautiful with gems sparkling on the sun. But he dropped the amulet, it fell down and multicolored gems in the amulet disappeared. Suddenly a tribe of strange creatures appeared and kidnapped his sister. And now Alex should do his best to find all the gems and propitiate the ancient gods to set his sister free! Start your dangerous adventure right now in the perfect game for kids Alex Gordon! There are a lot of locations to explore such as Roaring Surf and Silent Harbor where you are to overcome challenging obstacles - hordes of enemies are on the way to Alice, just jump on their heads to get rid of them! Everybody will highly appreciate the game for its easy navigation and dynamic gameplay where you should just jump from one cave to another and gather money, hearts to enrich your lifeline and stars to unlock next levels. Try to explore secret places and find multicolored gems to get more money and stars – it’s difficult but the result is worth making efforts! Jump high, use ropes to climb and swim in the game Alex Gordon to complete your noble mission. Burning lava, erupting volcanoes and freezing wastelands await you – brace yourself to dangerous missions! Rely only on yourself but don’t think that you are all alone there – friendly creatures Trams and Lucky will accompany during the game. Trams is a smart penguin who will provide you with useful gameplay hints, follow his recommendations and you’ll be a success. Lucky is a dog who follows you so if you meet a monster and lose a life, you can continue the game from the point where she is staying. Destroy the evil powers and bring the tribe the magical artifact! Prepare to astounding adventures in the brilliant game Alex Gordon, find the lost magical gems and release your sister from the trap!


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