All Evil Night 2  All Evil Night 2

All Evil Night 2
All Evil Night 2
IIn All Evil Night 2 man-eating monsters are roaming the silent streets. In the darkness, howling and shrill voices can be heard everywhere yet nothing can be seen. Armed with only a pistol, you decided to investigate the truth behind these scary voices. Prepare yourself for a heart-throbbing action as you fire at oncoming man-eating monsters that threaten to eat you. Engage in a crazy gunfight as you fight for your survival. Never did you expect to pay such a painful price for the truth.

All Evil Night 2 features

- More than 10 different lethal weapons to choose from;

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- 10 crazy levels where you fight to survive;

- 3 insane bosses and 12 different enemy monsters that adds intensity to the game;

- All Evil Night 2 is free full version game to download and play.


All Evil Night 2
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