Moto Geeks  Moto Geeks

  • Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP or better
  • Pentium 200mhz or better
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 15 MB hard drive space
  • 800x600 display resolution mode or higher
  • High or true color highly recommended
  • DirectX 5.0 or better
  • Moto Geeks
    Moto Geeks
    Motor cycle races are just here to begin! Drive splendid bikes and become one of the Moto Geeks! Bike races have never been a greater fun! You are free to choose from a variety of routes. Select a moto to your taste determining your choice on the basis of a vehicle's speed, acceleration and weight (and color, of course). You can navigate your bike with either a keyboard or a mouse - it's all up to you. Probably, you won't find the game's graphics to be an eye candy, but the lack of graphical design is compensated by outstanding music and sound. It's the sound effects that deserve special attention: you may deny it or not but the truth remains the same - every crash brings the disastrous feeling of devastation. You'll happily avoid the feeling of frustration in Moto Geeks since every time you fall off your bike you hear a voice that genuinely translates your emotions onto the screen. It's AHHHHHHHH! Moreover, the sound content of the game allows you to plunge in the atmosphere of racing. You hear the roar of your engine and every time you clash with your opponent you hear the very typical scratching sound. While playing the game you get the info about your speed, number of bonuses and remaining time. You also get a view of your current position in connection with your opponents (you are the yellow dot on the scheme). Try to collect as many bonuses in Moto Geeks as you can along the way. If you manage to finish a level before your time runs out you'll get extra bonuses in accordance with the time left - the more time you manage to save the more bonuses you get. Be fast and furious!


    Moto Geeks
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