City Moto Racer  City Moto Racer

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 600 Mhz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.1
  • City Moto Racer
    City Moto Racer
    Rush through the stream of constantly moving cars and enjoy the great adrenaline boost in the adventurous game City Moto Racer! Are you a true daredevil? Let’s check it! Now you have a perfect chance to accept a challenge and show everybody that you are a true moto racing star! Sometimes we have a strong desire to test our skills and understand if we ready for undertaking situations or not. Let’s do it right now! At the very beginning you have only 1 motorbike at your disposal – “Hunter”, but later on you can buy more powerful bikes: Eagle, Racer, Racer-X and even F1-Bike. Can you imagine that you are rushing at full speed on the busy streets of the megapolis? But in the racing game City Moto Racer everything is possible – just choose the bike and maneuver among the cars! Collect golden coins to upgrade your bike and gather bonuses to make the game easier! The magnet power-up will help you get all the coins on your way even if they will be far from you. And the nitro power-up boosts your speed and you’ll feel like a true racer! Enjoy the real power of the bike while using nitro acceleration! The better its engine power is - the higher is the speed. Moreover, when you ride close to the car and don’t ram into it, you’ll get extra coins. But don’t abuse your luck – sometimes fortune leaves even the fortune favorites! In the game City Moto Racer there are 2 ways of playing – if you want to control everything on the road, keep the camera above it. But if it’s better for you to observe everything as a moto racer, change the viewing angle and you’ll see what is happening on the road with your own eyes. Drive fast and become a champion! At the end of the race you’ll see the list with your results – keep them in mind and do your best to beat your own records. There are a lot of cars on your way, be careful not to face with them or you are to replay the level! Train your attention and reaction to get the best bike ever and upgrade your racing skills in the breathtaking game City Moto Racer!


    City Moto Racer
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