Ostrich Runner  Ostrich Runner

  • Windows XP
  • Processor 1 Ghz or better
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • 64 Mb of video memory
  • Ostrich Runner
    Ostrich Runner
    Ostrich Runner is an incredible free downloadable game which is full of twisted turns, thrill and action for a gamer that is in love with running games. You are an ostrich runner who needs to save as many eggs as possible. Save from what? A villain - doctor Cosmoglux - is trying to capture the peaceful Ostrich Planet. Your little ostrich kids are in danger because the professor decided to start from them. He observes the planet from his astro-aircraft to carry out his evil plan with the help of a professional criminal. This assistant comes to the planet and takes little chicks away from their cradles at night. But the robber made a mistake - he's forgotten to close the bag with the chicks so they all are falling down as he walks. You and other ostriches follow his track and run as fast as possible. Ostrich Runner is an incredible activity if you like both entertainment and high-quality graphics. It seems like you are overcoming obstacles together with other ostrich parents. It is easy to fall and get lost but you can always find the track if you look at other runners - they gather eggs, too. Ostrich Runner is full of incredible tasks and there are miscellaneous bonus items that you get while gathering eggs. It is a colorful running game where you have to collect as many eggs as you can and be ahead of the other runners. So take part in an unbelievable race to get your freedom back! There is nothing that can stop you from becoming the winner - enjoy the game and save little ostriches!


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