Rage Runner  Rage Runner

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1.5 Ghz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0
  • Rage Runner
    Rage Runner
    Conquer the outer space while driving your fastest spaceship in the game Rage Runner! Are you a true space daredevil whose hobby is joining the dangerous tournaments to earn money for your living? Well, the game Rage Runner is the best choice! Get ready to immerse into the reckless world of space race where you are to compete with the best intergalactic racers for the great prize! Usually the racers don’t have another job, so such kind of competition for them is the only way to survive. And both people and aliens admire watching these sensational shows – they are like combats of gladiators in the Coliseum but the only difference is that the winner earns a lot of money instead of freedom. Are you ready to try your luck in intergalactic racings? So launch the breathtaking game Rage Runner and become the legend! Welcome to the XXIII century where people live on the Mars and travel to the Venus to spend their holidays there. All people did their best to adapt to the new conditions and now they are the law-obedient inhabitants on the planet Mars. And when they get bored, the intergalactic government provides special events to entertain them. Such event includes a complex of competitions, shows and parties. And one of such components is a speed racing where everybody can take part. Renovate your old spaceship to join the event if you want to earn a great prize! Lots of obstacles are waiting for you on the way so drive your spaceship with the utmost attention not to break your ship! Keep in mind that panels on your spaceship light up when power-ups are acquired, so release them when you are ready to use nitro acceleration. If you think you are a professional in racings, get rid of the illusions in the game Rage Runner! Here you will check your speed, reaction and quick wits because sometimes it’s important to estimate the distance to the obstacle or quickly choose the way to overcome it! Collect fuel and nitro acceleration during your racing in the game Rage Runner! Speed up your spaceship to leave all your rivals behind, become the best racer in the galaxy and win the prize!


    Rage Runner
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