Snowy: Fish Frenzy  Snowy: Fish Frenzy

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1 Ghz or better
  • 128 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.0
  • Snowy: Fish Frenzy
    Snowy: Fish Frenzy
    After hours of boring work and cheerless days there comes a salvation that breaks the monotony and colors everything it touches upon. Introducing the unbelievably funny game Snowy: Fish Frenzy! Awesome 3D adventure split into 80 great levels with increasing difficulty is happy to power your mood up. Protect the fish catch from thieves, so crafty and so funny you can't help laughing out loud while fighting them. Hungry cats have prepared the whole army of fish hunters that run through fields and sneak beneath trees to take over your dearest catch! Slap those worthless gangsters for fun and protection. Control the power of your hand with the mouse to either give them a slight knock down or dispense the fur nuggets in the air! Stay cool and be sure not a single animal was, is, or will be hurt ever by our game or any of its creators! You will be receiving help from your friends throughout all the game Snowy: Fish Frenzy. Dogs, for instance, may bark and scare the stuff out of cats; only they are sleepy and need tiny slaps from you to keep in active state. Or polar bears that gently gather the fish from all game field and put it together so that it is easier for you to protect it. Don't kick your friends too hard ‘cause they do their best to help you. Hit buildings to get bonus points and slap peaceful trees for the same reason and also to get very useful pumps. This equipment blows cats as good as tires and the balloons reach clouds safely. Amusement is so close and easy to reach - simply download the free game Snowy: Fish Frenzy and have unlimited fun among animals and plants!


    Snowy: Fish Frenzy
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