Turbo Subs  Turbo Subs

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 800 Mhz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.1
  • Turbo Subs
    Turbo Subs
    Try your hand at running the greatest burger empire in the game Turbo Subs! Here you will meet your friends Robert and Rebecca who are at all pains to expand their business. And now their core target is to conquer New York City. They are really ambitious and why not joining their stunning adventures? Even if you are a poor cook, you may be a talented manager who can make their restaurant the real sensation in New York. Try your luck in the game Turbo Subs and have fun! Robert and Rebecca have a lot to do – they should invent something new that will impress the citizens. They won’t be surprised by a pizza or burgers but a new sauce will cause a great interest without fail. Do your best to create novelties that will turn a small restaurant into a sensation in New York! Train your skills in cooking, entertain your visitors and your restaurant will be beyond comparison. Keep in mind that irritated visitors don’t pay for their order so move quickly to provide all of them with tasty pizza, hot burgers or delicious cakes. Change the interior and buy new machines for making cappuccino, ice-cream and cotton candy to impress the customers. Lots of visitors are ready to taste your mouth-watering burgers, serve them quickly because they are hungry. There are several kinds of burgers: provide all your visitors with a burger they want and try not to mix the orders up! Soon you’ll be able to buy special machines for making chips, homemade cookies and various soft drinks. You can also pass chef cook courses as well! Everything depends on you! If you are not satisfied with your result in the game Turbo Subs, replay the level and try to make combo service to get extra points. At first, it’s rather easy to cope with all the tasks quickly but later on there will be several simultaneous orders and you are to do your best not to lose reputation! In the time management game Turbo Subs you will train your reaction and multitasking, so brace yourself to the dynamic work at the counter. The impressions are unforgettable!


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