Vampires Vs Zombies  Vampires Vs Zombies

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1 Ghz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.1
  • Vampires Vs Zombies
    Vampires Vs Zombies
    Help vampires protect Transylvania from the zombie invasion in thea brilliant game Vampires Vs Zombies! A ruthless dictator infrom Africa created a whole army of zombies using with the help of the ancient Voodoo magic. The world is at its end,! as there appear More and more zombies appear! The main vampire Vlad Tzepech is worried as the– zombies want to invade his lands in Transylvania. Are you ready for a the blood-thirsty adventure with the game Vampires Vs Zombies? This peculiar time management game will be equally loved by kids and adults. Beautiful vampires will plant grow pumpkins on your field. Be careful! The zombies will use a magnifying glass and sunrays to hurt vampires. They can even be burnt to ashes! Soon you will be able to process pumpkins into jack-o-lanters with the help of a pumpkin cutter. Zombies mistake them for human being and try to eat the brains. Any time you need to construct something go to a laboratory where Dr. Ghoul works – a head onf engineering and a genius brilliant mechanic. Soon you will learn how to make bombs out of jack-o-lanterns to destroy more zombies. Every now and then the enemies will appear at the field. Click on them several times to kill them, but remember – it's better not to touch the smoking zombies otherwise they split into two! Buy some blood portions and your vampires will work faster and produce twice as many goods. Travel all over the Dracula's castle, opening the rooms that were locked. You will be given gorgeous awards for every achievement in the game. Make your own unique collection and stop the invasion of zombies in the game Vampires Vs Zombies!


    Vampires Vs Zombies
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    Vampires Vs Zombies
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    Vampires Vs Zombies
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