Aztec Tribe: New Land  Aztec Tribe: New Land

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  • Aztec Tribe: New Land
    Aztec Tribe: New Land
    Do you like stories about the Indians? I'm going to tell you one. Many centuries ago, Mexico was inhabited by the Aztecs, a civilization well-known for its progressive thinking and rich mythology. The Aztecs built solid wooden houses, installed machines for irrigation and special devices for saving harvest from wild animals and greedy birds. The life was placid, rich harvests made the Indians happy and the Aztecs enriched their knowledge and broadened outlook. They investigated examples of rocks, selected plants and travelled. But a good proverb exists, that there is much grief in much wisdom, so when scientists decided to get into the Great mountain, the ancient gods became furious and brought down punishment on the heads of the curious. Endless pouring rains flooded the fields with crops, the rivers overflew their banks, destroyed machines for irrigations and turned the solid houses to dust. The dormant volcano at the Great mountain awoke and boiling lava scorched everything on its way, so the settlement in the game Aztec Tribe: New Land was leveled to the ground. The Aztecs left their homeland and settled in a foreign country. They had to start their life from the very beginning, so their progress in science was stopped for years. In the game Aztec Tribe: New Land you have to revive the lost civilization of the Aztecs. Build new houses for the Indians and provide settlers with food and necessary resources. Play the diverting game Aztec Tribe: New Land, collect timber, plant crops and become the one who would return the magnificence and glory to the powerful empire!


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