Billiardino 3  Billiardino 3

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 800 Mhz or better
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.0
  • Billiardino 3
    Billiardino 3
    Practice your skills in billiards and become a professional in the simulator Billiardino 3! When you're tired after a daily routine or when you want to have fun, you often take your friend to play billiards. Familiar situation? If yes, we have good news for you! Now it’s no need to spare money on booking a table for playing billiards or to coordinate your free time with your friend’s to go playing together. Have you ever dreamt of your own billiard table right in your room? Your dream has come true with the amazing simulator Billiardino 3! Just sit in your favorite armchair and play billiards as long as you wish! If you are a beginner who has never played billiards before, you have a unique chance to find new talents in billiards and train your skills without going anywhere. Everyone who likes to play billiards will find this new simulator really amazing - even awesome! The rules are quite simple: look at the table - you see white and multicolored balls on it. Use a stick that is called the cue. Hit the white ball with the cue so it hits colored one, and drive it to one of six holes called pockets. You should hit the ball with a power according to the ball’s position. If it’s close to the pocket, don’t make abrupt movements and just push the ball a little by the cue. If the situation is opposite, swing the cue sharply! There are 2 game modes in the game Billiardino 3: you don't even need a company, play against the computer and have fun! But if your friend wants to share fun with you, then choose the two players mode and play together. Remember most of the multiplayers – it’s really funny to play the game on the hot seat mode. All you need is to be accurate, so take the cue, aim to the ball and hit it to the pocket! 3D graphics and nice sound effects will help you dive into the great atmosphere of the billiards club for professionals! It’s time to enjoy the marvelous 3D simulator Billiardino 3! Upgrade your skills in playing billiards and unlock lots of achievements!


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