Cemetery Warrior 4  Cemetery Warrior 4

Cemetery Warrior 4
Cemetery Warrior 4
In Cemetery Warrior 4, you, Demon Zexus leader of all demon is back for revenge. After receiving the torments that your father gave for losing the battle on earth you are back for more destructions. Blessed with demonic powers and equipped with a shotgun, grenades and machine guns, you are determined to make the humans pay for what they have done. Engage in a heart-pounding action as you seek for the destructions that you have long waited for.

Cemetery Warrior 4 features:

- Realistic graphics and sound effects;

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- FPS Shooting with an amazing action-packed storyline;

- Multiple weaponry which compliments Zexus's demonic magic;

- Cemetery Warrior 4 is a free full version game to download and play.


Cemetery Warrior 4
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