Ghost Cleaner  Ghost Cleaner

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor 1 Ghz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0
  • Ghost Cleaner
    Ghost Cleaner
    Boost your logic to turn adventurers into people again in the ravishing game Ghost Cleaner! You have never play such type of a game, I’m sure of it! A nice mix of a light arcade and challenging puzzle will keep you glued to the screens until you complete it. Are you ready to check if you are smart enough to imprison a family of scientists from the Underworld? We’ll see! Launch the amazing high-quality game Ghost Cleaner totally for free and play without any limits! You will get acquainted with a family of scientists, a sister who was a real noob at chemistry and her dead relatives. But don’t be frightened, they are friendly enough. Even friendly that alive are. A girl has an exam in a couple of days and without a slightest idea about passing it, she managed to make a potion and return the souls of her dead relatives back to Earth. They were really skilled at chemistry and they will help her without fail. But one good turn deserves another and they want to resurrect in exchange for their help! Help the unlucky scientist cope with all the obstacles and return the ghosts back! Here you will play lots of puzzles and destroy bad ghosts that were sent to bring you relatives back. Use a great invention of your uncle – a disastrous ghost cannon that will annihilate the bad spirits. But be careful not to shoot to the good ghosts. You have a pack of puzzles that you should complete to get a permission to revive your relatives. So get ready to a nice adventure in the game Ghost Cleaner! You have a chaotic mix of netlike physics puzzles, so use a ghost cannon carefully. Try to combine the branches in such a way to set all the ghosts free. It seems undertaking at first but later on you will even become a professional. You can see the number of shots and ghosts left, so try to think over your moves in advance. Train your logic and rack your brains in the amazing puzzle game Ghost Cleaner and help the girl save her relatives from the oblivion!


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