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  • DirectX 8.1
  • Good Intentions
    Good Intentions
    What is the 17th century France famous for? Second to none king's balls, lots of beauties and imperious barons… the Empire looked so powerful and only nasty villains spoiled its reputation of the most glorious one. Imagine Paris at that time. It is incredible at all times, but then there lived Cardinal Eduard and… Tremendous events took place under the veil of night. People disappeared, they were kidnapped and hidden somewhere. Those who didn't obey were punished severely. But not everybody wanted to follow the rules and be the cardinals' puppet. One brave musketeer dared to render and take revenge for his family. His noble name was Marc Lacroix. His majesty possibly didn't even know what was going on in his land. And there was a conspiracy organized against him. The mighty fate brought Marc to the very root of the plot - helping the king he became a very important man in the court. Good Intentions is an incredibly interesting game for those who look for adventures and is eager to help people. It's a game where you can reveal your positive personality features. Playing the game you are not only a musketeer but also a citizen whose help is needed. On the way to your destination you meet people who want your advice. You have scales for kindness, friendship, art, duty and so on. So you score points for that. In Good Intentions you play for a handsome, brave and considerate Parisian who overcomes obstacles, punishes the villains and helps good people. There are a lot of things to learn and try while playing the game. Download Good Intentions and save the Kingdom.


    Good Intentions
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