Hero of the Kingdom  Hero of the Kingdom

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1 Ghz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0
  • Hero of the Kingdom
    Hero of the Kingdom
    Restore the house and defeat the cunning bandits in the great strategy game Hero of the Kingdom! The main character’s placid life has changed greatly since the gang of bandits invaded in the small village and plundered his house. When he was away in the forest, the rogues burnt his home to ashes, so now your main aim is to help him take vengeance. Why the bandits have chosen his house to destroy? What happened to the main character’s father? Where is he and why he has disappeared? Lots of questions are staying without answers. Play the captivating game Hero of the Kingdom and set out a journey to the capital of the fairy kingdom. Accept the challenge and lead your character through the difficulties and defeat various monsters! You’ll meet lots of NPC who will help you cope with all the missions. Nights are long and cold, so find an axe to cut trees and make a fire not to turn to the frozen sculpture. Gather berries not to starve and keep in mind that some of them are poisonous. Your way is extremely challenging and has full of dangers but don’t be upset! Lots of friendly NPC will help you, just follow their advice. Do your best to cope with all the tasks lightning fast and you’ll be a success. It’s time to learn how to gather fruits, remember the recipe of the mouth-watering mushroom soup and go fishing with an inveterate fisherman! Complete NPC’s tasks and you’ll get rewards and information about the bandit’s gang disposition. Someone of NPC might have seen your father – you are to find it out! Try to collect all the possible information about him, look for hidden objects and enjoy the amazing plot of the game Hero of the Kingdom! Explore the vast territories in the kingdom, discover the new places and find secret places with treasures! Stunning adventures are waiting for you in the game Hero of the Kingdom – help the main character destroy the gang of cruel bandits, find his father and get rid of the curse looming over the fairy kingdom!


    Hero of the Kingdom
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    Hero of the Kingdom
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    Hero of the Kingdom
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