Knight Solitaire 3  Knight Solitaire 3

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor 1 Ghz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0
  • Knight Solitaire 3
    Knight Solitaire 3
    Complete 120 levels to become the greatest knight in the game Knight Solitaire 3! Are you fond of medieval stories where noble knights are fighting for champion title while the beautiful princesses are sitting in the high towers and waiting for their saviors. Enjoy the amazing game Knight Solitaire 3 and dive into the picturesque world of battles, tournaments and romantic stories! Get ready to train both attention and logic skills in the nice game of the genre of solitaire. You take the role of a brave knight who is at all pains to save the princess from the dark castle and become the greatest hero in the kingdom. Launch the game Knight Solitaire 3 and don’t waste time! You join the great tournament and your aim is to battle with other pretenders. Rack your brains and become the best of all while playing solitaire. Unlock all 12 locations of the enchanted castle and have fun in these breathtaking solitaire levels. Make chains of cards, use magic bonuses, do different combos and get real royal rewards! 120 challenging levels with royal medieval music are waiting for you! Try to solve the layouts lightning fast to explore all the territories in this nice medieval game. You overcame the great guard of the castle – an ancient dragon and now you get closer to freeing the princess. If you have never played solitaire before, get the detailed tutorial and soon you’ll like this game. The newbies can train the reaction and attention when the professionals get a unique chance to refine their skills. Any pair of cards on the table provides a reward, and a special multiplier can make it far more valuable. Find card pairs faster and keep an eye on the multiplier for extra rewards! There is the exact amount of golden cards on the game board, try to get all of them and you’ll get the best result on the scoreboard. When you remove a pair of identical tiles, you get coins. Earn money to buy helpful bonuses and you’ll be a success. There are lots of special rewards: get the maximum number of points on a level to win the trophy Aristocrat and upgrade your social status! Play the game Knight Solitaire 3 and save the princess from the imprisonment!


    Knight Solitaire 3
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