Magic Maze  Magic Maze

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 600 Mhz or better
  • 64 Mb RAM
  • 16 Mb of video memory
  • DirectX 7.0
  • Magic Maze
    Magic Maze
    Magic Maze is an extraordinary funny adventure of a cute cat looking for treasures hidden in the labyrinth. It is amazing as lots of mysterious creatures and traps are waiting for him everywhere. Still, the cat is very sly and well-weaponed so it is better for his enemies to stay away! Magic Maze includes lots of levels with intriguing titles like “The Trap”, “Candy Land”, “The Glacier”, “Dangerous Heights” and it's practically impossible not to become seduced! You've got a number of lives when you enter the game, and there is always a mission given to you - a number of stones - as well as the route! There is a magic map and you can trace where and how long you are going to follow the path and how many twists and turns are ahead! The Underground Labyrinth is full of surprises and gems - the cat and you look for them and gather the precious stuff. Don't forget to shoot the rabbits and other creatures - they are no friends to you! And you should definitely destroy the wooden crates as there are bonus item hidden inside. Every mission is all about magic chests and keys necessary to find, obstacles to overcome and miscellaneous monsters to defeat. Every step is a threat to the cat - and the gamer needs dexterity and speed to make the mission fulfilled. So what else can be more brilliant than this astonishing new game! To take part in a fascinating search for treasures, fight various creatures, look for new paths and dodges, apply new weapons and use bonuses - that's an incredible game Magic Maze!


    Magic Maze
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