Need For Waves  Need For Waves

  • Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP or better
  • Pentium 200mhz or better
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 15 MB hard drive space
  • 800x600 display resolution mode or higher
  • High or true color highly recommended
  • DirectX 5.0 or better
  • Need For Waves
    Need For Waves
    Waves, speed and adrenaline - what can be better if you wanna some changes from everyday routine! Need For Waves will show you what it means to be fast and furious. Choose one of the suggested cutters with its unique style and color and show your skills in this amazing and very simple game. On your way you are going to meet various dangerous and beneficial items. First you have to remember - you are not the only one in the sea. The game Need For Waves appears to be difficult at first because of numerous cargo ships and other marine vehicles blocking your way. You can also see other cutters making their way to the finish line together with you. Cutters, ships and yachts of all kinds will be there checking how fast you can move within the maritime space. They are going to block your way and even fatally bump into each other producing explosions, terrible sounds and threatening your life. So what you've got to remember - use your functional keys for speeding up and reducing the speed level if you need to slow down and take care of the obstacles that you see ahead. Use right and left buttons to make accurate moves and escape dangers such as water barriers that reduce your speed and damage the cutter board. Ships will also make a lot of troubles for you but don't forget you are the best racer here! In the game it's also vital to pick up bonus items such as armor, guns and super engines! Enjoy the ship control and feel the pleasure of coming first to the finish line after you download Need For Waves!


    Need For Waves
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