Pirate Storm  Pirate Storm

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 800 Mhz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.1
  • Pirate Storm
    Pirate Storm
    Defeat all enemies in an exciting and colorful game Pirate Storm! Are you fond of sea adventures? Do you want to have your own pirate nickname and become a real captain? Than fight the enemies in the game Pirate Storm! You will start your adventure as a ship’s boy and will gradually grow in rank. Use the tutorial at the very beginning of the game.Read the tutorial first. You will learn that the monsters are to be killed by harpoons, but during the ship battles with the ships you should use cannons. You are to sail quiet close to your enemy to be able to aim. Before starting a battle you'd better compare your experience and force with your opponent's one. If the enemy is more powerful than you you will lose he will win. The names of the opponents' ships are written in red. After the battles you will have to repair your ship. Mind that you can't do it during the battle. Don't worry,! The cost of repairs will be justified as you can take the cargo of the defeated ship. You can take the cargo of the defeated ship, so Ssend the opponents' ships to the bottom and become rich! You can buy powerful weapons from a Merchant. Call at port is– a safe territory free from monsters and enemies. There is a Shipyard at port – a place where ships are anchoring, a Tavern is a- where you will get quests, an Auction House in which the auctions on useful items are hold, and a Guild Headquarters where you can form your own alliance. Perform different tasks, acquire experience and get weapons. You are to kill the Giant Crabs, sink enemies' ships and take their cargo. Open the bonus maps and travel to misty locations where you will fight with a great number of enemies. Will you handle that? Become the most terrifying pirate in the game Pirate Storm!


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