Unblock the Car  Unblock the Car

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor 800 Mhz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.1
  • Unblock the Car
    Unblock the Car
    Clear the way for the special cars to save people’s lives in the brain training logic game Unblock the Car! Are you ready to become a good genius who is always responsible for saving lives? Don’t be scared of such a complicated yet noble work because there are lots of traffic-jams in the city and only Providence can remove all the cars from the way of the emergency service cars. Prevent them from gathering in one place because the way can easily be blocked and people can die… There are 3 emergency service cars at your disposal: a police car, a fire-engine and an ambulance car – play for each of them and enjoy 384 levels of challenging adventures. As you have already understood, 128 levels for each car are available, so it’s up to you whether to play only for one car or check your skills in all the absorbing levels for three cars. You can decide yourself how to play the game – reach the maximum number of stars or simply solve the puzzles without rush. What will you see on the parking lot? A lot of cars are randomly placed on the way of your car and your main aim is to think over how to clear the way within the least possible number of moves. The quicker – the better. At first, it seems undertaking but later on you’ll see that everything is possible if you want to do it. So, if you manage to cope with the level quickly, at the end of the level you get 3 stars. Look at the statistics and consider if you can improve it and become even more successful in the game Unblock the Car. Of course, there are moments where you are stuck – use the hint and remove one car from the way, so it will be easier to go on playing. Provide a perfect workout for your brains and become a life savior in the game Unblock the Car! The levels are non-linear and if you re-launch the same level, you get the different car arrangement. Brace yourself to complicated puzzles and train your logics in the amazing game Unblock the Car. Rearrange the line-up of cars and give the emergency service cars green light to help people survive!


    Unblock the Car
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