Unravel the Mystery of the Phantom Horseman!  Unravel the Mystery of the Phantom Horseman!

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Unravel the Mystery of the Phantom Horseman!
Unravel the Mystery of the Phantom Horseman!

Fantastic Storyline

This game is based on the classic bestseller of the same name, guaranteeing a solid underlying story. Fans of the book will enjoy seeing one of their favorite stories come to life, while newcomers will be shocked at all the twists and turns.

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A bout of bad luck has befallen the small ranch that belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Rawley. Bess and George are related to the ranch owners, and they arranged to have Nancy come and stay with them at the ranch for a few weeks during the summer.

All was not well when Nancy arrived. Mr. and Mrs. Rawley were nowhere in sight, and the taciturn foreman named Dave Gregory was the one to pick the girl detective up from the airport.

Nancy called the Rawleys when she arrived at Shadow Ranch and found out that Ed Rawley had been bitten by a rattlesnake the night before. He and his wife were at the hospital, but they invited Nancy to make herself at home at the ranch. Nancy offered to postpone her visit, but Mrs. Rawley wouldn't hear of it.

Nancy was soon tasked with delivering letters on horseback, since the roads near Shadow Ranch were easier for horses to navigate. Nancy Drew may be a city girl at heart, but she isn't one to let inexperience get in the way of a job well done!

Soon Nancy hears rumors about a phantom horseman. This ghost is supposedly the vengeful spirit of Dirk Valentine, an outlaw from the past. This rogue was romantically involved with the daughter of the ranch owner back in 1880, and their story didn't end well. Valentine had hidden a treasure somewhere before he was hanged, and his ghost is seeking revenge. Or is it?

It seems that there is no rest for a detective, and soon Nancy Drew is hot on the trail of something. Only time will tell what that something really is. The bad luck appears to be real, though. Bess and George are stuck at an out of state airport indefinitely. Could this be the curse at work?

Great Point and Click Adventure

One of the most important traits for a potential detective is curiosity about the world and everything in it. In Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch, you are encouraged to investigate everywhere you go. Nancy Drew never leaves home without her magnifying glass, and clicking on objects with the magnifying glass brings them in for a closer look.

Exploring the world is intuitive and easy, freeing you up to make those important connections to break the case!

Tons of Puzzles and Lots of Fun Chores

The puzzles in this game range from sliders, jigsaws, deductive puzzles and more. There is even a slot machine to play with.

It’s impossible to live on a farm without doing some chores, and Nancy is asked to fill in wherever she’s needed. Help Nancy become an expert at picking vegetables from the garden, baking lovely cakes and feeding the chickens. Everyone must pull their weight on a ranch, and these chores are fun puzzles in their own right!

Fully Articulated Graphics

The graphics in this game are wonderfully detailed and crisp. The interior and exterior of the ranch look excellent and rich, with vibrant colors, brilliant details and a unique southwestern style that makes the house a home.

Make Calls With Your Cellphone

All your friends are just a phone call away, meaning that you can always get a fresh perspective on unfolding events. The cellphone is relied on heavily in this game, and it makes the gameplay fuller and more dynamic. Call George and Bess, the Hardy Boys or the sheriff, and always stay on the lookout for more useful numbers as you make your way through the game.

Learn Real Facts While You Play

When Nancy first arrives at the ranch, she must learn how to get along with horses real quick. Lucky for her, there is a copy of "A City Slicker’s Guide to Ranch Horses" to study. Incidentally, the book is packed with real facts regarding horses. By the time you and Nancy leave the ranch, you’ll know all the basics about horsemanship and other aspects of ranch life.

Overall, Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch is a great opportunity for would-be sleuths to put their detective skills to the test! With great production quality, solid gameplay and a superb storyline, this game is a real winner.


Unravel the Mystery of the Phantom Horseman!
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Unravel the Mystery of the Phantom Horseman!
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